About ICON in Motion

ICON in Motion was founded in 2018 by colleagues from the healthcare industry. Each with their own competences and background, but they all share a common objective: an intrinsic motivation to help people improve their quality of life. ICON in motion stands for International Center of Osseointegration in the Netherlands. It welcomes clients from all of Europe and elsewhere who are suitable for the therapy. ICON in Motion is honest about the possibilities and offers a client-focused and high-quality therapy. “We are always looking for the best solution for the patient”.

About our organisation

Icon in motion works with various organizations in order to achieve an optimal result.

The hospital – Park Medical Center

All osseointegration procedures are performed at the Park Medical Center (ParkMC) in Rotterdam. ParkMC is located at Hoofdweg 90 in Rotterdam.  The building covers an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters and is equipped with the most modern operating facilities for medical care. ParkMC has 3 state-of-the-art operating rooms and two outpatient treatment rooms. More information about this medical center can be found at: Park Medisch Centrum.

The recovery hotel- Laurens Intermezzo Zuid

At Intermezzo Zuid you can recover under professional guidance after the operation. You’ll stay in a hospitable and modern environment. Intermezzo Zuid has 160 spacious, modern single rooms with a comfortable bed, a spacious bathroom, a sitting area, a desk and a television. The whole recovery hotel is wheelchair accessible, non-smoking and has free access to Wi-Fi. More information about this recovery hotel can be found at: Laurens Intermezzo Zuid.

Premier suites – Rotterdam

After a few days in the recovery hotel Intermezzo, we bring you to an apartment of Premier suites in Rotterdam. In this apartment, you can recover from your surgery. The apartments are ideally located in the city centre of Rotterdam, opposite the Central Station. More information about this apartment can be found at: Premier suites.


The people behind ICON In Motion

Munjed al Muderis
Munjed al Muderis
Associate professor

Al Muderis developed the new generation of implant, osseointegration prosthetic limb (OPL), which addresses several issues previously faced by patients.  This led Orthopedics This Week to praise Al Muderis’s work as ‘The Most Incredible Orthopedics You’ll Ever Read About. The Osseointegration Group of Australia Team (OGAP) is made up of specialists in various fields. Women’s Weekly and NEWS rank Al Muderis as one of the world’s top osseointegration surgeons.

Who is Munjed al Muderis?

A/Prof. Munjed Al Muderis is an orthopaedic surgeon and a clinical lecturer at Macquarie University and The Australian School Of Advanced Medicine. He specialises in hip, knee, trauma and osseointegration surgery. He is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Chairman of the Osseointegration Group of Australia. A/Prof Al Muderis graduated from Baghdad College High School (The American Jesuit) in 1991. He studied medicine at Baghdad University from 1991 to 1997.

Michiel Verhofstad
Michiel Verhofstad
Professor doctor

Dr. Verhofstad is a true visionary and always puts his shoulder to the wheel to achieve great results, down to the last detail. All details have to be perfect! He is able how to put himself in another person’s shoes and puts the patient first. From that vision, he always tries to come up with suitable solutions. Dr. Verhofstad is always looking for improvements: The best is not good enough!


Why Icon In Motion?

Amputations are often necessary after serious trauma, but there are various possible causes. Osseointegration prostheses can greatly improve mobility and therefore the independence of patients after an amputation. Unfortunately, the technique is only available in a very limited number of countries worldwide. Especially in countries with many people with amputations, the technology is often not available. ICON in motion aims to help that group. It gives Dr. Verhofstad much satisfaction to contribute to that ideal.



Who is Michiel Verhofstad?

Dr. Verhofstad studied Medicine in Nijmegen, graduating in 1995, and completing his training as a general surgeon in 2001. After an internship in trauma surgery at the UMC Utrecht, he worked as a general and trauma surgeon at the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg from 2003 to 2013. Since then he has been a Professor of Trauma Surgery at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Although Dr. Verhofstad still practices clinical medicine, he is particularly interested in the surgical treatment of complex pelvic, leg and foot injuries and situations in which such injuries lead to problematic healing. He is internationally praised as a teacher and researcher. Dr. Verhofstad holds various (management) positions at scientific associations, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Oscar van Waes
Oscar van Waes

Dr. Van Waes never stops pushing the boundaries. He looks beyond the standard solutions to achieve his goal, and makes an impact by trying things that have never been done before. As a trauma surgeon with military experience in the field, he is used to having to come up with creative solutions, thinking outside the box and always wanting the best for the patient.


Why Icon in Motion?

In his daily (military) trauma surgery practice, Dr van Waes is often confronted with amputations and their consequences for the patient and his surroundings. He started the Osseointegratie Centrum Rotterdam to offer patients a better quality of life after an amputation. Icon in Motion addresses a need to also offer international patients a “tailor made” osseointegration treatment in Rotterdam. According to Dr. van Waes, Icon in Motion offers a perfect package: excellent operating facilities, hospital accommodation and a rehabilitation programme.


Who is Oscar van Waes?

Oscar van Waes graduated from Utrecht University in 2000. Since the beginning of 2008 he has been working as a trauma / military surgeon at the Trauma Surgery department of the Erasmus MC University Medical Centre Rotterdam. He also works for the Ministry of Defence, serving as a military surgeon on international military missions. Until 2017 he worked as a Heli-MMT doctor for the Mobile Medical Team of the Trauma Center ZuidwestNederland. He not only works in clinic practice and teaching, but also conducts scientific research and is a member of a number of (inter)national trauma surgery associations.


Heleen de Graaff
Heleen de Graaff
Master Physician Assistant

As a physician assistant, Mrs de Graaff, MPA, is always looking to provide patients with the best possible service and treatment, with an eye for detail in (health)care in the broadest sense of the word. Her focus is always on the patient, offering them the best treatment with the aim of improving their quality of life.



Why Icon in Motion?

As a physiotherapist and later also as a physician assistant, Mrs de Graaff has always been interested in the human locomotor system and improving the quality of movement in patients with physical limitations. After starting as clinical coordinator and surgeon at the Osseointegratie Centrum Rotterdam and seeing all the benefits of treatment with osseointegration, she has worked for the establishment of ICON in Motion, for the treatment of patients with amputations from outside the Netherlands. To date, osseointegration treatment is available in only a few countries and ICON in Motion ensures that the treatment is also available for people outside the Netherlands.

Who is Heleen de Graaff?

Heleen de Graaff, MPA, received her bachelor in physiotherapy in 2007, after which she specialised in oncology. In 2010 she made the switch to become a trauma surgery physiotherapist. In September 2013 she started the master programme physician assistant at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, specialising in trauma surgery. In February 2016, she was awarded the degree of Master Physician Assistant with the distinction “cum laude” (with honours). Her activities as physician assistant range from basic to specialist medical interventions in the field of anamnesis, research and (surgical) treatment. In addition to outpatient and clinical work, she is also active in scientific research and education.


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