Ans: “I can feel the difference between sand, gravel and asphalt.”

Ans enjoys life again after an osseointegration procedure.

Ans has lost a leg as a result of a serious accident. After a long period of rehabilitation, she has learned to walk again making use of a socket prosthesis. Unfortunately, the socket causes her pain and hinders her during her daily activities. Osseointegration promises to give her hope being pain free again. And that turns out to be the case: after the surgery, Ans walks not only without pain, she also walks more naturally: “I can feel the difference between sand, gravel and asphalt.”

Ans is 58 years old, active and lives her life to the fullest. She loves going out on her motorbike with her friends, likes long-distance walking and enjoys babysitting her granddaughter. One day, driving on her motorbike she is hit by a drunk driver and broke both her arms and her legs. In the hospital, it became clear her left leg could not be saved. When Ans regained consciousness and has realized that her leg has been amputated. Her world collapses. In a moment, she has lost everything she holds dear. Her first thoughts: “My life is over. I will never be able to walk, babysit or run after my grandchildren again.”

Ans is a fighter, she doesn’t want to be stuck in a wheelchair. The rehabilitation process for her amputated leg and shattered arms is long, difficult and painful. Eventually, she spends 7 months at a rehabilitation centre. She goes beyond her own limits, does not give up and achieves what nobody expected: Ans learns to walk again with a socket prosthesis. 

Slowly but surely she finds her place in society again. But it isn’t easy. Socket-related problems hinder her progress. Every time she goes for a more intensive or a longer walk, she suffers from skin injuries due to chafing. It causes infections and a lot of pain. This makes her insecure and she feels incomplete. She discusses her situation problems with her rehabilitation specialist, who informed her about osseointegration.

Ans reads up on osseointegration and visits an information day about osseointegration. She is interested in the procedure: the socket will be replaced by an implant in the stump, which is then connected to the prosthesis. The rehabilitation specialist considers her to be a good candidate and refers her to the surgeon. This starts the entire process with the application and suitability procedure, fortunately she turns out to be suitable for osseointegration. 

It gives her a new chance of being pain-free. Ans is not afraid to start this process, but she passionately hopes it will go well: “I don’t want to end up in that wheelchair again!”

And it worked out well: the surgery, wound healing, rehabilitation, fitting and adjusting a new prosthesis. Regarding Ans it is all very straightforward. The rehabilitation period goes well and is very prosperous. The wound heals within a few weeks without complications. The rehabilitation after the osseointegration procedure is a breeze compared to the rehabilitation after her accident. Where rehabilitation took almost a year, this time, she can stand on her feet a lot sooner than expected. She is allowed to walk on crutches 6 weeks after the surgical procedure. After three months, she no longer needs crutches at home, and after six months she ventures outside without crutches. It gives her self-confidence a huge boost.


Moving around is so much easier with the implant after osseointegration! And pain-free, which makes such a real difference.

The good connection between the implant and the bone makes the leg feel so much better immediately after surgery. She can even instinctively feel the different types of surfaces she is walking on. Walking is also much more natural and less difficult in comparison with a socket prosthesis. As a result, it costs her less energy, Ans can walk much longer and even dares to try out new activities.

The biggest difference is the absence of pain. Because the implant is directly anchored in the bone, the stump no longer has a support function. The pain which was always present, is disappeared. Ans looks after her grandchildren again and is determined to go on long-distance walking again. She feels comfortable and happy like her old self again, despite an artificial leg but now with a new leg. “Moving around is so much easier with the implant! And pain-free, which makes such a big difference.”

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