Hinri: “I feel liberated; free from pain, free from irritation.

Osseointegration: getting your freedom and mobility back

Hinri is a strong, young man. He has his own business and has an active family life. An accident that results in an amputation has major consequences: his socket prosthesis hinders him in his daily life. When he starts looking for a solution, he finds out about osseointegration. After 12 years, he finally gets back his freedom and mobility: “I feel liberated; free from pain, free from irritation.”

Hinri owns a large vegetable farm. It’s hard work, with early starts and long days, but he’s proud of his business. And he is also proud of his large family. He enjoys an energetic life, with his wife and their five children. However, he starts doubting whether he can optimally sustain this busy life. As a result of an industrial accident in 2005, Hinri’s right leg has to be amputated. The amputation has a huge impact on his life and that of his family. Hinri has worked hard on his recovery and had succeeded to pick up his life again. With the help of a socket prosthesis he is able to get back to work and take up his place in the business again.

Unfortunately, the socket prosthesis is increasingly hindering Henri in the heavy work at the farm. His stump often gets inflamed and he is in constant pain. The pain gets worse and worse: “As if a knife is being stuck in my leg.” Despite the constant pain, he continues his work. This grueling situation does take its toll; he can no longer rely on his socket, even though he relies on it to be able to do his job. At times, his socket even slips off. It is very tiring and he is totally exhausted when he comes home at night. His self-confidence is falling: how will things work out with his successful company? His wife sees that walking is becoming more and more problematic. Hinri hasn’t even noticed it himself. Only when he sees himself on video, does he realise that he walks like an old man. The images are enormously confrontational. Over the years, his focus was always on what goes well and what can be improved. It’s clear as day: things cannot go on the way are going now. Something has to change, but how? Hinri goes in search of a solution, reads about osseointegration, and that makes him think.

Hinri Patient osseointegration

I had a lot of muscle pain just after the osseointegration, but not anymore. I can simply go on and on.

Hinri Patient osseointegration

Exchanging the problematic socket for an implant with more freedom; would this be the solution to his pain and other problems? He discusses the option with his rehabilitation specialist, and as Hinri is a strong, young man, there are no obstacles to have the surgery. The big day comes in 2017: he finally gets the implant. The surgery itself goes well, the rehabilitation is a success. After 12 years of living with a stump, it costs quite a lot of effort and muscle pain to learn to put weight on his right leg again, but it isn’t long until he can walk without support. After that, his progress comes on with leaps and bounds. The muscle pain disappears, and he is rewarded with a great feeling of freedom, something he had lost after the amputation.

His work at the nursery, life with a big family; he can easily keep up with everything. Hinri makes long days at his company again. Pain-free, without having to take breaks. His wife also confirms that he just keeps going all day long, that he makes longer hours than ever before. He can go where he wants and do what he wants. What has osseointegration meant to him? With a beaming smile: “Osseointegration has been a great added value. After 12 years I got back my mobility, zest for work and self-confidence.”

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