Icon in Motion (IIM) attaches great importance to your privacy. In this privacy statement, we therefore want to explain to you how we process your data when you are a patient with us.

1. Which personal data do we collect?

In the context of the treatment agreement that you enter into with us, we will register personal data (including health data) in your medical file. This concerns the following data:

  • Name and address;
  • BSN/citizen service number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Sex;
  • E-mail address;
  • Telephone number(s);
  • Contact details of your GP or other treating physicians;
  • Information about your medication;
  • Your pharmacy;
  • Information about your health status, including your medical history;
  • Diagnostic test data, e.g. X-ray and laboratory results;
  • Imaging data, such as X-rays;
  • Information regarding your health insurance, including the name and contact details of your health insurer and policy number.
2. Basis for collecting personal data

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2018 stipulates that we can only lawfully process your data if we have a legal basis for doing so. The basis for the collection of your personal data, which we record in your medical file, is the treatment agreement you entered into with us. In some situations, it may be necessary to ask your consent for the processing of personal data, for example to share your personal data in the context of medical research. In such cases, IIM will always inform you and ask for your permission in good time.

3. Why do we collect personal information?

When you enter into a treatment agreement with us, in order to provide good care, it is necessary to set up a medical file that contains information about your health status. Below, we describe the concrete purposes for which your personal data are collected:

  • To contact you as part of the treatment;
  • To send you information about the treatment;
  • To establish and verify your identity;
  • To send an invoice to your health insurer (if applicable);
  • To prescribe the right medication and to fine-tune the dosage to any drugs used previously or simultaneously;
  • To make the correct diagnosis and draw up a good treatment plan for you;
  • To provide you with good care;
  • To liaise with your GP or other physicians who are treating you, including sending a referral letter or providing feedback about the treatment to us;
  • To assess the quality of our care;
  • To conduct research into the treatment and its effects (only with your written permission);
  • To meet legal (including administrative) obligations.
4. Who do we share your personal data with?

Sometimes it may be necessary (or even mandatory) for medical or practical reasons, in the context of our business operations, to share your information with other third parties. This includes other healthcare providers, but also, for example, the party that handles our financial administration. If a party exclusively processes your personal data on our instructions, this party may be regarded as a processor and we will ensure that we have established agreements on data exchange in a processing agreement. In principle, we do not share your data with third parties outside the European Union. Should this be the case, we will take the necessary measures to ensure an adequate level of protection. When exchanging data with third parties, we will always observe the privacy principles of the GDPR. Below, we list the parties we may exchange personal data with:

  • Other healthcare providers, such as your GP or other doctors treating you;
  • Your health insurer (if applicable);
  • Our partners for blood testing, imaging, rehabilitation and prosthetics;
  • Our accountant/financial manager;
  • Government bodies, such as the Health Care Inspectorate or the Dutch Healthcare Authority (to the extent required by law).
5. How long are your personal data stored?

Pursuant to the Dutch Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO), we retain your medical details for at least 15 years, unless good care provision requires us to retain your details for a longer period. Other data shall not be kept longer than necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.

6. Security of personal data

IIM considers it very important that you can be confident that your personal data are in good hands with us, and therefore we have taken appropriate measures to ensure your personal data are well protected.

Our website partner stores the IP address of the website visitor for security purposes (to identify potentially unsafe actions and search engines) and for the registration of acceptance of cookies.

They always programme with security and safety in mind. The webhost (Antagonist) takes security seriously. See also: https://www.antagonist.nl/downloads/informatiebeveiligingsbeleid. SSL is used for the encryption of the communication between browser and webhost.

7. Your rights

Pursuant to the GDPR, you have various rights with regard to your personal data. You have the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability and the right to object. A detailed explanation of your rights can be found on the website of the supervisory authority, for the Netherlands this is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, see extensive explanation of your rights. Foreign patients can click in the top-right corner of the website of the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, to view the English website, or contact the authority in their home country for more information about their rights.

  • If you wish to exercise one of your rights, you can submit a written request to that effect. You can send your requests by e-mail to info@iconinmotion.comĀ or by regular post to Icon in Motion, f.a.o. the Privacy Department, De stuwdam 33-35, 3815 KM Amersfoort, The Netherlands. IIM will ask you to identify yourself before we can process your request.

We always try to respond to your request within 4 working weeks.

8. Not satisfied?

If, however, you are not satisfied with the way in which we handle your personal data, you can submit a complaint to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. You can do this by filling in the form on the website of the Autoriteit. Foreign patients can also submit a complaint to the authority in their home country and can contact the authority for more information.

9. Questions or suggestions?

If you have a question or a suggestion for us, you can send it to us by e-mail to info@iconinmotion.com or by regular post to Icon in Motion, f.a.o. the Privacy Department, De stuwdam 33-35, 3815 KM Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

You can reach us by phone for questions and suggestions on +31 85 2734829 (on working days between 8.30-17.00 hours).

10. Application of this privacy statement

This privacy statement is intended for patients who enter into a treatment agreement with us and relates to the processing of personal data in the context of patient care.

11. Changes

If we have reason to do so, we may unilaterally amend this privacy statement (for example, in the event of amended legislation). We will communicate any changes via our website www.iconinmotion.com or via e-mail.

This Privacy statement was drawn up on 15/10/2018

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